Our Team

Justuju is unique because of the passionate and motivated young board of members working hard to make it a success. Hover over each member to find out why they believe in Justuju
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Haseeb Hussain Gandhi

Student, IBA

“Initiated by the youngsters with enthusiasm and vision which is constant throughout.”

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Yusra Rashid

Head of the Academics
Student, Dow Medical College

“It gives me a feeling of satisfaction that I am not amongst those who just sit and complain about the present state of our country, but instead I am making an effort however small, to do something about it. Alhumdulillah.”

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Mohsin Rasheed

Head of Adopt a School Project
Employee, KPMG LLP

“I feel that I am contributing towards the future social and economic growth of Pakistan.”

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Jazib Sohail

Head of Marketing and Fundraising
Investment Banking Analyst, AKD Securities Limited

“The contribution it makes to the society.”

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Areej Lalani

Head of HR
Student, Dow Medical College

“Justuju is the perfect platform from where I can give back to society and fulfill my share of a responsible citizen along with a team of like minded individuals.”

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Anum Arshad

Head of Donor Relations
Student, Dow Medical College

“Its a youth led organisation and works for education which is undoubtedly the need of the hour”

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Muhammad Farid Zia

Head Of Operations
Employee, HBL

“The vision that one day this initiative will bring a major change in our society”

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Varisha Khalid

Member of Academics
Student, Dow medical college

“The feeling of empowerment and ownership that comes with working for a cause I strongly believe in- education is the only way forward and the youth of this nation will be the pioneers of this change.”

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Muhammad Adil Mirza

Member of Marketing and Fundraising
Employee, PwC

“Working with highly motivated and aware youth for a single goal – education for all.”

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Maha Masood

Member of Academics
Student, Karachi Medical and Dental College (MBBS)

Seeing the children receive good quality education which will help to mould their lives towards a better future.

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Hammad Ather

Member of Operations
Student, iBA

“The idea behind Justuju, that education is everyone’s right and being the medium that helps the masses is what makes working at Justuju amazing.”

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Naveen Rashid

Member of Marketing and Fundraising
Student, SZABIST

“The giddy warm feeling you get at the end of the day because you know even the smallest effort you put in will lead to great results!”

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Madeeha Anwar

Member of Finance
Student, DOW Medical College

“Gives me a feeling of self satisfaction that I’m doing something for my country, however little it may be.”

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Marium Munir

Member of Marketing and Fundraising

Justuju undoubtedly gives me that sense of self satisfaction of being able to do something for my people, my country & working with highly dedicated team members has made it all the more worth while.

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Muneeza Patel

Member of Marketing
Student, MIT

“The best part about Justuju is working with a team that is extremely passionate about making a difference and helping others”

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Iqra Moazzam

Member of Academics
Student, SZABIST

“Being part of an organization that is run by the youth. It instills motivation in all the members effortlessly because of everything Justuju has achieved in such a limited time!”

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Ejaz Khan

Director of Academics, HR and Finance
Investment Banking Analyst, Morgan Stanley London


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Aina Zindani

Head of Human Resources
Healthcare Co-coordinator, Phillips Pakistan

President’s Message

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JustujuWelfare Organization is a creation of a group of youngsters who wished to make a difference and had had enough of the ineptitude shown by those who are in power.

In 2011, during the final year of our A’ level, completely dejected by the hopes that others will do something positive with the power they were given, we decided to gather a group and contemplate as to what was the biggest problem of Pakistan. While dealing with this conundrum, we realized that the answer was quite evident – lack of education.

We needed to reboot our education sector.

While fighting corruption, nepotism, red-tapism and our own sense of doubt, we persevered, always focusing ahead. There were many frustrating times when things didn’t work the way we wanted them to. There were many times when the easier way was to quit. But our motivation within overcame our issues outside. This motivation came from the results we managed to achieve – transformation we saw in our students, the affiliations we made, and the fresh blood that kept pumping in.

If you are able to read this, you are part of the select 1% of this country who was able to get a good education. It is time that we all get together and change that 1% into a 100%.
Justuju needs your help. Education needs your help. Pakistan needs your help. It is time for you to help them.

Pakistan Zindabad!