The Justuju School

The Justuju School located in Azam basti, is the private school project of JWO. Started in 2012 with preprimary grades, now houses 240 students attending classes from nursery to Grade 4.

Students attending TJS come from an economically underprivileged background, whose parents earn a meager 500 rupees per day at an average. The school was started with the vision of tackling the menace of illiteracy in such impoverished areas, by empowering our youth with quality of education that stands parallel to any decent private school in the city.

With the help of our generous donors and guidance from professionals, we have been successfully working towards our aim; to provide them with the opportunity to one day be able to compete with others in the practical world regardless of their social background.



TJS supervision (Member’s role)

All the staff at TJS is hired. As university-students, the members are not involved in the day to day workings of TJS. Alongside Human Resources and Operations, the Academics department plays a very crucial role in maintaining quality control:

  • Monthly teacher’s evaluation by observing and assessing classroom environment, teaching style and methodology.
  • Students’ evaluation, where members interact with students and discuss with them their current topics of learning to assess their knowledge and understanding.
  • Teachers training program- trainings are conducted on a regular basis by experienced professionals who are always willing to facilitate our teachers and guide them.
  • Academics members hold frequent meetings with the teaching staff to discuss new teaching ideas and give constructive criticism on their methodology.


How is TJS different?

TJS offers a supportive learning environment which promotes development of critical thinking skills, fosters awareness of diversity and multiculturalism (students are from different religious backgrounds), and supports learning. The child’s development in each domain (language, social, physical, cognitive and social emotional) is sustained, extended and enhanced primarily through activities that promote purposeful play.

All in all TJS is a warm, nurturing and positive environment.



TJS Academics


We have employed an Academic Coordinator of our Pre-primary section. This induction has served to improve our pre-primary academic quality. The academic coordinator looks after the academic quality and professional development and progress of teachers by:

  • Conducting daily rounds to assess their academic methodologies
  • Conducting individual and group trainings with teachers to assess shortcomings and suggest improvements
  • Assessing students progress by observing class participation, monthly tests performance and addressing weaknesses
  • Constantly brainstorming and implementing new methodologies to ensure effective and interactive learning (activities to reinforce all subjects, daily basis story telling, theme based learning etc)



Remedial classes:

Thrice weekly classes conducted after school for students facing difficulties in grasping concepts in class.


Teacher trainings take place on regular basis, with objectives of development of teachers’ English Language skills, concept based teaching and interactive teaching methodologies.

Some additions have been made to the Academic Program for an effective learning environment:

  • Assembly presentation weekly to incorporate different concepts and also enhance the students confidence and creativity
  • Reading program
  • Video learning to reinforce subjects e.g. Science & Social Studies

Reading Program:

A reading program has been established at Justuju with aim of inculcating reading habits and reinforcing vocabulary in students. This project has seen remarkable developments in children’s sight reading, confidence of spoken language and descriptive abilities of children by conducting regular “show and tell” activities regarding different themes. This promotes fun and interactive learning at our school. We aim not only to impart an education that the children of this strata of our society have been deprived but also to actively involve the community around our children in the learning process. Therefore parents, and students siblings are regularly invited and encouraged to participate in projects the student has taken an initiative in.

Academic Collaborations:

  • JWO has collaborated with The Teachers’ Resource Centre (TRC), plays a pioneering role in introducing active learning methods in schools across Pakistan. TRC conducted classroom support programme at TJS which consisted of classroom observations, workshops on joint feedback to augment the staff in learning new teaching methodologies. Moreover, playing the role as an external evaluator where its valuable feedback and student teacher evaluations have facilitated the academic department to uphold high standards of education and professionalism in our project.
  • Another significant collaboration has been in form of Vanderbilt-Pakistan Connection (VanPak), an organization of a group of students studying in Vanderbilt University USA, is dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and bridging of cultures. VanPak approached JWO last year with an aim to providing quality education through interactive Skype classes with foreign students to learn about their culture and lifestyle resulting in a positive overall strengthened bond between our students and teachers abroad. The classes have focused to reinforce the English Language skills of students including their speech, grammar, understanding and expressive skills.