Prospective Campus

Since its inception, The Justuju School has been rapidly growing every year. In only its fourth year, TJS has been serving 250 students, has two nursery level classes, two kindergarten level classes, two prep-level classes and grades one to four.
TJS is currently located in a building in Azam Basti with only four levels, all of which TJS have occupied. In order to expand to higher levels, TJS is in a dire need to move to a new, larger campus with the capacity to hold higher level classes.


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In accordance with the vision of TJS, Justuju Welfare Organization aims to build a campus which can guarantee quality education for our students which ensuring the availability of space and self-sustainability of the school.In addition to space for classrooms for primary as well as secondary education, we also aim to provide students at TJS with an effective learning environment with libraries and computer labs and opportunities for extracurricular activities with a proper playground and activity rooms. The current TJS campus has an absence of:

  • A proper library where students can read, relax and enjoy a large variety of resources to open their minds.
  • A computer lab where students can be taught the extremely useful and necessary computer skills.
  • Absence of a playground where students can play, have sports and other extra-curricular activities which are highly important for their cognitive as well as physical growth.
  • Proper ventilation due to overcrowding and the existing infrastructure of the rented premises.
  • Proper security of the premises due the shared nature of the building, something of utmost importance due to the recent events in the country.

We hope that our new campus will allow us to provide the students with all the above mentioned facilities. Without these facilities, Justuju Welfare Organization cannot succeed in its aim to provide quality cognitive as well as physical education to the students in order make them highly productive citizens of their communities. In order to succeed in our mission, we need YOUR help in financing our expansion efforts or by simply spreading the word.

The Justuju team humbly requests that whoever can help us in acquiring or funding the required premises for a campus, to get in touch with us. A campus is not just a dream, it is an urgent need that could make or break the future of these extremely able and hard-working children.