Adopt a School

This project is the flagship project of JWO. The idea is to adopt a currently running government school and to improve its administration and quality of education imparted there.

Currently, working in a joint partnership with Ravians Educational Services Trust (REST), we have adopted 9 government schools in Gizri, Karachi. Since adoption, enrolment of students in our school has increased many folds and currently we have around 1000 students from Kindergarten to Grade 10 being taught in Urdu and Sindhi Medium of instruction. Some of the major highlights of our efforts include;

Policy Change:

  • All schools have been merged via the consolidation policy for better governance and management.
  • Teacher Evaluation scheme has been introduced whereby the best teachers are awarded for their performance.
  • Disciplinary policy and code of conduct has been set which is being effectively followed.
  • Period wise and subject wise timetables have been introduced for the first time in the primary section.
  • Parent teacher meetings have been made a routine to encourage the involvement of parents.


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  • New Library and a 2nd Computer lab established.
  • Kindergarten introduced by setting up two new Kindergarten classes being taught by trained teachers.
  • New washrooms and playing area made for all the students.
  • Renovation of the offices and the teacher’s communal areas to motivate teachers.
  • Clean and cold drinking water coolers have been installed.
  • Provision of electricity with lights and fans to all the buildings.
  • Painting of most of the classrooms of the school.
  • Termite treatment of the whole school to make the study environment conducive for students.




All these efforts have contributed majorly in increasing the motivation level of the students and the teachers at the school.

Quality of Education:

    • Head of Academic Improvement appointed.
    • Fellows of Teach for Pakistan teaching at our school.
    • Monthly test system introduced.
    • Teachers’ Training workshops organized.
    • Staff and Students’ attendance strictly monitored.
    • Different debating and art competitions held at the school.
    • First time in the history of the school no girl failed the board examinations and 9 girls got an A grade while one got an A+.


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Events Organised:

  • Debating Day organized to build up the confidence of students.
  • Drama Day organized where students exhibited their acting skills to showcase the importance of education.
  • Field trip to Karachi Zoo and Fun-land organised for the students.
  • An Annual Sports Day organized for two consecutive years.
  • Sindh Ajrak Day celebrated.




Some Achievements:

  • Our School is spoken about as a model school among the government schools.
  • First school to be consolidated as per the consolidation policy of Government of Sindh.
  • Students recently competed in Essay, Art and Poetry competition against more than 200 private and government schools including KGS, Beacon house etc. Our student got the 3rd position in the Essay Competition and reached the top 20 in other competitions.
  • In the history of the school, no girl failed her board examination this year. Out of the 24 girls who appeared for the board examinations 9 of them got a A grade while one girl bagged an A+.


With all the efforts we can see the school improving day by day.