Other Collaborations


The Vanderbilt-Pakistan connection is an attempt to educate children in Pakistan through undergraduate students of Vanderbilt University, USA who teach lessons of English conversation and general knowledge to school-going kids in Pakistan via video conferencing. It is a thoroughly enriching experience for students as they not only learn a language but experience the diversity of the world around them by interacting with teachers who come from different countries and cultural backgrounds. In addition, the kids learn to appreciate modern technology, which is often unavailable to them, and the vast possibilities it creates. The entire setting makes sure they receive important knowledge and skills without being subject to the routine rigours of the classroom. The success of this program can be gauged by the high level of attention and class participation as well as the excitement exhibited by the students and teachers alike.


Phillips Pakistan

Phillips Pakistan chose Justuju welfare organization, after much critical analysis with their team, as their chosen CSR project for Summer 2015. This took place in two phases.

The first phase was the two days long interactive session that Phillips held at Justuju with the students. On Day 1 students were taught about the importance of basic hygiene manners. On day 2, all the students were taken out to Neuplex cinema where they saw the movie ‘3 Bahadur’, a story about three extraordinary children who rise from the unlikeliest of places to save their community from the evils that plague it. The movie served as a great learning and motivating experience for the students.

The second phase consisted of the complete renovation of the fourth floor of The Justuju School, the provision of desks & chairs along with water cooler installations.


The students enjoying 3 Bahadur at nueplex, Karachi

The students enjoying 3 Bahadur at nueplex, Karachi


Representatives of Phillips Pakistan teaching students about the importance of basic hygiene.

Representatives of Phillips Pakistan teaching students about the importance of basic hygiene.

MUNIK Collaboration

Justuju welfare organization collaborated with MUNIK VII as its Social Outreach Partner. MUNIK, Model United Nations of IBA Karachi is one of the largest MUN held in South Asia and is planned and run entirely by students of the Public Speaking Society at IBA. It began in 2008 and in a year, saw some of the strongest MUN teams from around Pakistan.

Together both organizations believed in imparting strong educational knowledge regarding social, religious and cultural matters among the youth of our nation. As part of the collaboration, social media posts were shared by both Justuju and MUNIK on their respective Facebook pages making their respective followers/audience aware of the collaboration. Three of our members – Naveen Rashid, Haseeb Gandhi & Jazib sohail conducted the guest speaker sessions with Naveen & Haseeb attending Saturday’s African Union Seminar and Jazib on Sundays Sustainable Development Seminar. The seminars mainly focused on the increased significance of education to empower the youth of our society. Moreover, guest speaker sessions coverage showcased on social media and Justuju-MUNIK collaboration featured in ¬†MUNIKs gazette/newsletter that was handed out to participants on their first day.

To learn more about MUNIK, refer to their global website: http://munik.iba.edu.pk/