By the youth, for the youth

Our mission is to provide enlightenment to under-privileged children of our society through quality education, along with awareness regarding important national, social and religious issues

Prospective Campus

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The Justuju School

Our flagship project where we run our own school
In-house curriculum development delivering world-class education
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The Justuju School is the private project which was initiated by Justuju Welfare Organization in August 2012. Located in Azam Basti, today it caters to 230 children belonging to this underprivileged community. The vision of The Justuju School is to give those living below the poverty line, the chance to receive the quality of education that they cannot afford; to provide them with the opportunity to one day be able to compete with others in the practical world regardless of their social background. The in-house built curriculum emphasizes heavily on character building and activity based learning. The school has been expanding by one grade level each year and currently has the capacity for nursery to grade 4. In order to continue growing, TJS is in dire need of building a new campus. You can find more about our new campus initiative under the projects tab.

  • started in 2012
  • 230 students
  • Nursery to grade 4
  • Hired 20 teachers
  • Expanding by 1 grade level each year


We have something great, so let's share it with other schools
  • 11 government schools under one flagship
  • 1000 students attending
  • Nursery to matric (10th grade)
  • First A in the history of the school under Justuju
  • 1st Computer lab established

In 2011, Justuju Welfare Organization (JWO) initiated the Government School Project, adopting a school campus in Gizri, Clifton. The project is currently run in collaboration with Ravian's Educational Services Trust (REST). The campus caters to a 1000 students from Kindergarten to matriculation. Initially the campus had 11 different schools that JWO helped merge under one cohesive administration and helped build a working infrastructure for the school. Since its adoption, JWO and REST have installed clean drinking water facilities in all buildings of the campus, provided electricity connections, fixture fittings, a new computer lab and library. In addition to building the infrastructure, JWO has taken many steps to improve the academic framework of the school. Two new Kindergarten classes have been established with quality resource material, a Head of Academics has been assigned for supervision and we have built a partnership with Teach for Pakistan.

Managing a government school to achieve highest standards
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Ahsaas Collaboration

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Ahsaas Trust and Justuju Welfare Organization established a partnership as of January 1, 2016 to work together for the development of education in the underprivileged areas of Karachi. More specifically, the purpose of the collaboration is to ensure the sustainable growth of the Justuju School and increasing its social impact by increasing student enrollment in TJS and improving the quality of education standards at TJS.


The core values are taught to students using in-class activities. Students are encouraged to practice these values in the warm and nurturing environment of the school as well as outside school.






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